A Cup Of Hope – The Eco-Friendly Impact Of Tumblers



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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably already know plastics’ grave impact on our environment. It’s a sad reality how the high use of plastic harms the environment meant to support us and give us life. Yet, we struggle to keep our home safe from this toxicity and the overuse of disposables and one-use plastics.

But there is one glimmer of hope amidst all the chaos: the humble reusable tumbler. Not all heroes wear capes, but the savior we’re talking about today comes in many different shapes and sizes. Some might even have their capes!

These tumblers let us do our part to reduce the consumption of single-use plastics, particularly water bottles, which litter and pollute both land and the ocean.

By shifting to a tumbler, you may have water whenever you need it, hot or cold, depending on what you want, and you’ll also be helping to save the environment. Another plus point is that they look so aesthetic and trendy!

What exactly are the benefits of tumblers in the environment? And how much of a threat are plastic bottles to the environment?

Why Are Plastic Bottles Harmful To The Environment?

You probably already know what a disaster plastic bottles are for the environment if you in the slightest bit consider yourself an environmentalist. First, factories utilize oil to make these bottles, and second, they are not biodegradable. Some studies estimate that marine animal deaths from plastic debris in the sea amount to at least 1.1 million.

This includes plastic bottles as well. The same study also found that 38 billion water bottles in the US make it to landfills every year!

And with plastic taking over hundreds and hundreds of years to completely dissolve, it’s very close to a nonbiodegradable product, which is why it is harmful not just to marine and aquatic life but also indirectly impacting the rest of the world, including humans.

What About Single-Use Cups?

Since the whole idea of this article is to highlight the importance of getting a reusable tumbler instead of using these one-use or single-use bottles and disposable cups, we have to consider the impact these single-use cups have on the environment.

First off, like plastic bottles, these single-use cups also end up causing a lot of environmental damage in manufacturing alone. Starting from cutting trees and using water to produce these cups, the cost of producing these cups is so high that studies have pointed to energy usage in numbers high enough to power at least 54,000 homes for a whole year!

Another thing to note is the waste these cups bring to the table. Since they are single-use, you throw them away after using them once, which means the number of cups in landfills yearly is staggering. According to a study, landfills in the USA find at least 50 billion coffee cups annually!

To put things in perspective, at least 140 million cups are thrown away daily. So then the real question is, why are reusable tumblers not more popular? From all the information and statistics we’ve discussed above, it is clear how good of an impact reusable bottles and cups can have on the environment.

So let’s look at the benefits of tumblers in the environment.

9 Benefits Of Tumbler In The Environment

A Cost-Effective Solution

You might think buying a disposable cup or a bottle for that one time is cheaper, but think about how many of these you buy daily. When you add it all up, it can be more than you’re willing to acknowledge. Therefore, make a one-time investment in a reusable tumbler to save money while simultaneously helping the environment.

The Durable Option

Most tumblers are made of brass or stainless steel and a myriad of other sturdy materials. They are built to last, so you can rest assured your tumbler will last as long as you like and get a good ROI!


Tumblers come in all shapes and sizes. They are also ergonomically made for the ultimate comfort, so you can easily carry your tumbler anywhere. Plus, most tumblers come with insulation, so you always have a hot or cold beverage ready to be downed anytime, anywhere!

BPA Free

Plastic containers are known to contain BPA, which is a chemical that can cause a lot of harm to your health in the long run. Well, lucky for you, tumblers typically come in brass and stainless steel materials, so you no longer have to worry about BPA!

Easy To Clean And Maintain

Sure, you might buy a reusable bottle, but one thing that people don’t talk about enough is how much of a hassle it is to clean a bottle. Instead, a tumbler is just the perfect-sized item for washing. The conveniences of the removable lid and the materials they are made from ensure you can get a squeaky clean tumbler after every use. Plus, you never have to worry about bacteria growth.

Trendy And Aesthetic

If you’re all about being in vogue, a stylish tumbler is all you need to complete your look. Apart from looking trendy and stylish, you are also sending a good message by being responsible for the environment and doing your part in reducing the pollution caused by plastic.

In Conclusion

Tumblers can be considered as a one-stop shop for all your needs regarding beverages. Regardless of whether you need your hot cup of coffee in the morning or a chilled beverage to beat the heat, tumblers can do it all. They also come in all different sizes and shapes, so you can take your pick on what kind of tumbler you want as your accessory for the day!

But above everything, the key takeaway from all these is that reusable tumblers are a fantastic replacement for throwaway cups and plastic bottles and aid in reducing plastic pollution. This is definitely enough to influence you to get a reusable tumbler today and do your part in saving the environment.