All You Need To Know Before Getting Yourself An Insulated Tumbler with A Straw



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Gone are the days when selling or introducing a product in the market was a rigorous process. Fast forward to the 21st century, and we see a massive rise in influencer marketing. Promoting a new product has become simpler, with influencers effectively convincing their followers to get it.

One such item that has benefited hugely from this form of marketing is insulated tumblers. Who would have thought everyone would be obsessing over this water bottle? It’d be unfair not to mention Stanley’s quencher, which plays a crucial role in contributing to the popularity of this product.

Imagine a 109-year-old company mainly known for outdoor accessories and camping gear collaborating with content creators. Their insulated tumbler with straw became a massive hit leading to other brands creating their version of it.

Now the question is, are people attracted to this water bottle simply because it’s a trend or is far more convenient than the standard water bottles? Keep reading below to find the answer.

Insulated Tumbler: Meaning, Types, And How It Works

According to Wikipedia, a tumbler is a beverage container with a flat floor made of stainless steel, glass, or plastic. However, an insulated tumbler is a modified version and usually comes with a locking lid that is splashproof or leakproof.

As we all know, an insulated tumbler keeps your drink cold or hot. It’s constructed in a way that prevents condensation by keeping the cold or hot air in. The primary layer in an insulated container is usually made of stainless steel, while the second base comprises glass, plastic, or composite material. Do you also know there are different types of insulation?

It ranges from air to foam insulation, but the best out of them is the vacuum. Regular insulated tumblers may not keep your drink at its original temperature for long if the air is trapped in it. Regardless of the layer of walls, if the air is stuck between them, it gains or loses heat.

In comparison, vacuum sealing has long been around the market. Initially, this technology was used in sealed bags and food containers, but now you see it in insulated tumblers as well. These kinds of containers rely on the emptiness of air between the double layers to insulate.

So, a vacuum in the space takes away the air, and heat can’t transfer through it. That way, it keeps the food or your drinks at their original temperature for a long time. Higher quality items or brands are instilled with this technology in their insulated tumblers. If you plan to get one, look for this feature.

Is an Insulated Tumbler With Straw More Convenient?

People switching from regular water bottles to tumblers have been massive in the past two years. Influencers may have played a significant role in promoting these products, but not everyone is active on social media to be aware of these or get influenced.

So, what would have further escalated its popularity? There would be different reasons, but most will say it’s convenient. From hikers to coffee drinkers, there is a tumbler for all kinds of occasions. In contrast, regular bottles don’t offer these options like storing coffee or even beer which is possible in insulated tumblers.

Even better as it comes with straw allowing you to have it without sudden spillage all over you. But note that some products may not have this feature as there are variants of it.

Insulated tumblers might be costlier than regular bottles despite providing the same content. Some may even think, why pay an extra amount when it’s serving the same purpose? Perhaps, the reasons below may help:

  • First, you can keep hot or cold drinks in an insulated tumbler which is limited to a regular bottle. Even if you can, its actual temperature will subside quickly. In contrast, your drinks stay hot or cold if kept in an insulated tumbler.
  • You’re also contributing to the environment by reducing waste. You don’t have to use disposable cups and straws with these tumblers as you simply ask the staff to fill them in your mug.
  • Insulated tumblers offer a variety of choices for users. For instance, there is a specific tumbler for hikers, or it comes with a travel version.
  • Unlike bottles, tumblers are easy to clean. You can clean the mug’s interior without having to use a stick to push down the scrubber, often done while cleaning bottles.

Overall, it’s a good investment. It’s up to the individual whether to get this product or just stick to a regular water bottle. But if like beverage maintains its original temperature, switching to an insulated tumbler would be perfect.

What You Should Know Before Buying Insulated Tumblers?

If you’re new, choosing one from various insulated tumblers may get confusing, let alone deciding what type to get. Here are some factors to consider while getting one for yourself:

  • Tumbler type

There may be a variety of insulated mugs, but not all can retain their original temperature for long. In fact, some lose their heat or cold within a few hours. However, vacuumed sealed insulated cup prevents all these and help stay for long hour. So, look for ones with this feature if you like your beverage to maintain its original temperature for an extended time.

  • Compatibility

Compatibility is also essential to consider before buying one, especially if it’s for daily use. You should pay heed to its size and design since some don’t fit in the car’s cup holder. If you travel constantly, opt for small-sized-tumblers as it will be more convenient.

  • Toxic Free Materials

Some insulated mugs might be made of or contain toxic materials like BPA, lead, phthalates, and chemicals. Therefore, look at the product details before you purchase, especially if it’s for your kids.


Insulated tumbler with straw is a convenient item for daily use. It’s your choice to get it or not, but definitely worth investing in. But setting aside the popularity, these insulated tumblers serve their purpose right.

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